LAVOR - your online laundry

Need to do the laundry?

We can take care of it:

  • pick-up 
  • wash-dry-fold
  • delivery in 24 hours

The laundry service is available only in Prague.



Regular laundry washing

Don't have a washer? Is your washer out of service? Or are you just out of time and piles of dirty laundry is everywhere? It is not a problem at all.

We will wash, dry and fold the laundry for you.

The laundry is washed by "packages"

  • small package - cca 8-11 kg of laundry
  • large package - cca 15-18 kg of laundry
Praní běžného prádla
Polštáře, peřiny, potahy na matrace

Pillows, blankets, duvets

Our large-capacity machines are ready to wash anything your home washer cannot handle. Ours can handle it easily.

  • "small package" can handle 1 pillow and 1 duvet
  • "large package" can handle 2 pillows and 2 duvets

Clean and fragrant laundry from 400 CZK. 

Disinfection matters

We use professional washing agents from Christeyns in our laundry. 

Disinfection agent with strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfection effects which meets strict standards of hygienic washing is added to each load

Each customer's laundry is washed separately. 

Your laundry deserves the best care.

Price list

Wash / Dry / Fold
  • small package - 400 CZK
  • large package - 500 CZK
  • 150 CZK for the order
Payment available via bank transfer or cash. 

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